Luisa Beccaria

Generation Z values, being a female, and a perfect happiness


Luisa Beccaria, a famous Italian fashion designer, represents the contemporary female dreamer. Her collections are timeless. We had a chance to talk to Luisa about how generation Z perceives the “Romanic fantasy”, changing fashion values over time, female strength, sustainable fashion, and perfect happiness.

MT: Generation Z is stepping on the heels of the millennials. How do you imagine “Romantic fantasy” looks to generation Z?

LB: I think it will be more special and embrace romance.  The truth is that we’re into electronics a lot and this has enriched our way of working, travelling, thinking and getting information quickly. But it seems like we’re entering the emotional part of our lives because before, there was hunting and aggressivity to find food. Our ancestors had to fight in order to feed their children, they had to hunt and be strong.  Then we transitioned to the mind and there were so many enquiries and we could practically do everything, whether it was in the sky or underwater or involved electronics, everything was possible. 

But now everything that is personal and makes you feel or creates an emotion or a different feeling, that can change your life, is very important.

I hope that the new generation explores the real values in depth and seeks out an emotional and interesting life. Nowadays, fashion is similar. It became just a business, like selling a yacht, you sold an article of clothing.  It was just buying and making numbers. 

But I think that fashion reflects the spirit of an era and of the people.

When I see a girl, who arrives dressed one way and then tries on our dresses, she’s accessing a different side to her personality.  It’s like she’s opening a new door in her life, which allows her to be more authentic, closer to nature and more romantic, but not in an artificial way, rather in a very natural way that women are.  That my soul is too.  Sometimes they don’t accept this because for many years we had to fight the preconceived notion that we’re not good enough at work, so we dressed like men. Then we had to prove that, if we are pretty, we can also be intelligent etc.  It was very difficult. But now, that women are a bit more, let’s say, well-off than before, I think they should recapture their very feminine side, which is also their strength. They don’t have to be ashamed. 

I really believe that dreams come true and so I hope that the new generation will be able to dream and share their lives, be grounded but at the same time, passionate and be able to give free reign to their personalities.  For example, you can wear tennis shoes the whole day and then at some point change into an amazing Cinderella skirt with the same shoes or even bare feet.  It doesn’t matter. It’s an attitude.  It’s not about being formal because you were invited by a Prince and so you must wear a dress. No.

Nowadays, everything is changing in fashion. There is no day no evening there is no season everything is transitional. Our collections are ageless. I wear them; my daughter wears them, a 15-year-old can wear them. There are different looks, but they all look nice and they are forever – not just something that will last only for one season. 

I’m against the concept of fashion that is momentary.  When a good dress, a good piece, is part of your being and is part of your life then you can feel more confident when wearing a dress that you already know fits you well and that you look good in, rather than wearing something that you saw in a magazine or something that you think is fashionable that doesn’t suit you.

Watch the full interview on our YouTube channel, to see which qualities Luisa cherishes in men and women and what her idea of perfect happiness is.