Bootcamp Challenge: June 19, 2016

BootCamp Challenge is a test length of 7 km, in which participants cross the different obstacles, modeled after the training of modern special forces from around the world.

If you have always wanted to try, as treniraraju specialists, the BootCamp to have a chance.

BootCamp Challenge is not a competition, it’s more than that! This is a unique sporting event in which there is no battle with time, but with himself. It is a test of endurance, strength and skills with the help of his best friends, relatives, associates, or a total stranger. The feeling of friendship, cooperation and selfless assistance when crossing obstacles is unforgettable.

It is a sporting event where your attitudes, or the equipment you wear are not important. Important is a good energy that is contagious. Our common goal is to overcome obstacles without annoying opponent in the neck, which rushes into the fight for better placement. This event is a dynamic, fun and relaxed. BootCamp Challenge promises you an unforgettable socializing and getting to know people in a completely new light.

Accept the challenge and BootCamp! An experience that will change your life.

Time to event

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