#Craftsperson: Introduction to the “Master of handcrafting”

Hello, my name is Irina and I’m a creator of the handmade dolls. In this series of articles, I will tell you about handmade Dolls art and give a little bit more secrets of the handmade process.



Once, while working in a large international company, on one of my many trips, I met a mother who sewed clothes from doll materials of her little daughter. I said then: “Oh, no, I’m not so crazy Mom and I will never waste my time on it!” But in a few years, I started sewing dolls myself! While waiting for my daughter from the oil painting lesson, I joined the group on sewing dolls .., at that time my 8-year-old daughter first read the book herself. It was Mark Twain “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”.

The book gave her so many bright emotions and evoked a love for reading that I decided to create for my daughter the doll of her favorite character, Becky. That was our first family doll. The head is pinched by their wool and covered with knitwear of skin color, the face is painted with acrylic paints on the fabric, the body on the framework. Clothes are made of cotton. Later, the Doll changed its outfit and a friend of Becky was created – he Doll Tom. This story goes to the year 2012. During this time, ideas, style, materials, techniques, and technologies changed, the new type of Dolls appeared, including a teddy bear. After that, they all disappeared for a long time and again revived.

Today I continue to create interior dolls and teddy bears, this is my favorite hobby and work that takes place in a creative environment and brings an incredible range of emotions, excellent mood, warmth, and kindness!