October 18, 2019

Dance workshop: Lena Platonova

Special project by mne.dance

About choreographer

Bright and self-confident “iron lady” and “universal soldier.” 

Lena has been dancing since her early years and works in many styles. She devoted her entire life to dancing and realizes herself not only speaking on stage, acting in videos and participating in bright shows, but also as a talented teacher. Her master classes are very popular with representatives of a variety of dance directions!

Lena started with pop dance at her home town in Russia (Togliatti) and already at a conscious age became interested in hip-hop and other modern trends. As a solo performer and in the team of “Masta-funk” she took a lot of prizes in the championships.

Having moved to Moscow, she immediately got into the main line-up of the legendary ballet Street Jazz under the direction of Sergey Mandrik.

For 15 years Lena has been known to everyone in the club sphere. Today, she is the resident and choreographer of the largest club in the capital – Icon Club (participated as a stage director for the world-famous brands SuperMartXe and PallMall Division).

Lena constantly participates in shooting the of the clips and programs, conducts master classes and referees many festivals, participates in championships, and stages numerous performances.


The number of slots is strictly limited (ONLY 30 SLOTS PER CLASS). This condition is very strict and is followed by the convenience of the participants.

If you have registered but can not come, the first thing you must inform us about this and pass your slot to another person.

The organizers have rights to change the time and location of the event, due to the unpredictable circumstances.