#CraftsPerson: Evolution of the Teddy bear

Let me tell you a little bit about Teddy bears.


In 2012, on the 8th birthday of my daughter, the godmother gave her 100 euros for a beautiful dress. I was very surprised when saw that my daughter chose a Handmade teddy bear for 80 euros as a gift. Her eyes were sparkling when she was holding a teddy bear of the size more than 12 cm in her palms. At that moment I decided that my daughter is not a fashionista and it was expensive for a teddy bear. Looking into the happy eyes of my child, I realized that either you pay the master for the happiness in these eyes, or you do it yourself.

I signed up for the courses. As a result, several bears and rabbits were created. At that time, the animals were sewed from a vintage Soviet plush taken from tablecloths and drapes. Plush itself was painted and hand-painted, the carcass of the toy was stuffed with sintepone or sintepone fluff, the fastening was made of a pin wire or buttoned.

Today, handmade technologies have stepped forward and developed significantly. Not only the materials, from which the animals are sewn, changed (although the vintage plush is still widely used and loved by many craftspeople), but also the image of the animal toy changed. More and more masters, who are bored to create within the existing framework of the classic teddy bear, change the patterns by themselves, sew clothes, supplement accessories, thus giving a recognition and uniqueness to their creative.

On the photo to the right is the very beast who brought me to the world of a teddy bear and left my first creation, 2012.
PS: We still bought the dress later, but for 20 euros, on sale ?


Teddy bear