Pizana Gallery Opening | Porto Montenegro

On Saturday, June 24th, at 20:00h, will be opened Pizana Gallery in Porto Montenegro (Ksenija Residential Complex).

For six years, Pizana Gallery has been successfully cooperating with the exclusive Porto Montenegro complex, promoting primarily Montenegrin artists of various genres and poetics. An exhibition titled “Colors”, with which Pizana will start work this year, is a kind of section, one of the possible insights into the current phenomena and events in the vital and dynamic artistic Montenegrin scene. In the structuring of the works, the authors used language and media corresponding to those on the world scene, extending the field of their own media activity and disciplinary boundaries.

Works that will be presented at the exhibition:
Dado Djuric, Dimitrije Popovic, Dragan Karadzic, Drasko Dragas, Romana Djuranovic, Nikola Radovic, Sonja Djuranovic, Vahide Nimanbeg, Natalija Djuranovic, Biljana Kekovic, Nada Kažić, Momcilo Macanović, Katarina Švabić, Tijana Dujović, Slobodanka Richko Mićunović, Zeljko Reljić, Nikola Zigon.


In the text about the gallery, art historian Milica Bezmarevic wrote:

“In a large circle of lovers and admirers of this gallery, its friends, artists, critics, collectors, can be recognized this rare but convincing group of true supporters of art who by their actions defend and nurture every dignity of true art. At the heart of this artistically inspiring and creatively seductive site of Pizana Gallery, they recognized the space from which nobody leaves without some kind of inner transformation, inspirational and creative incentive. That is why Pizana has been not only an art gallery, but a spiritual toponym, an open horizon of an unmatched artistic reality. ”

Visit Pizana’s site here.