Top suggestions for the luxury restaurants in Montenegro

In case you are looking for the spot to relax and have an absolutely great and luxurious dining experience, consider these 10 Top restaurants for your next journey.

HEMERA at Hemera hotel

Location: Podgorica | Open all year around

Cuisine: Steak, fish, exotic
Lunch av. check per person: 12-20 euro
Dinner av. check per person: 12-20 euro

Note: pets allowed in the garden, DJ every weekend on the terrace/garden

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Visually and substantially completed restaurant with a cocktail bar and a central desk, makes you feel like someone played with shapes, forms, colors and created an exceptional architectural design. Somewhat crude structure of the walls combined with a spectacular carved stone in the shape of a lion head and wall elements that intertwine throughout the hotel, with exquisite designer furniture pieces is a real concept for the enjoyment of each guest. Special attention was dedicated to the restaurant lighting and the creation of shadow lights which made it even more extravagant.

Gallery restaurant with the typical intimate atmosphere is a secluded part of the restaurant with the unique ability to enjoy privacy and delicacies from Hemera’s cuisine. What is particularly characteristic of the restaurant offer is a very rich menu of international dishes with an emphasis on Mediterranean cuisine, a wide selection of fish, salads and an amazing selection of desserts and pastries.

Delight will complement an excellent choice of drinks. There is also a summer garden facing the city’s central core and located in the most authentic part of Podgorica.


Location: bb Kriva, Dobrota  | Open all year around

Cuisine: Mediterranean + International
Lunch av. check per person: 50 euro
Dinner av. check per person: 50 euro

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Note: smoking in the garden is allowed

The Forza Mare hotel has an ‘à la carte’ chic restaurant with national and international food menu with locally sourced fresh produce. Gourmet and extraordinary meals will make you feel you can be anywhere else in the world but would want to stay here forever. The most popular in-house specialties include: Row shrimps in lemon, homemade goat cheese, brunoise salad with apple and cucumber, orange oil, dehydrated black olives powder; Risotto with lobster, blanched beans, roasted grapes, lobster bisque; Roasted duck breast, barley and bacon ragout, duck jus sauce, figs and red pepper. 

The experienced and creative chef will be happy to please the guests and meet any unconventional or traditional requirements. An on-site pastry shop located on a sunny terrace with a beautiful panorama of the Bay of Kotor is an extra asset that will make your stay even more delightful. 


Location: Tivat | Open all year around

Cuisine: Fish and steak
Lunch av. check per person: 35 euro
Dinner av. check per person: 35 euro

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There is nothing random about this place. The sea and the mountains bring the richness of flavors to the international a-la-carte restaurant. The restaurant pays a special attention to the natural and organic ingredients.

Wine makes people and music more passionate and adorns food with flavors. Therefore, the selection of wines is carefully chosen in order to satisfy the most refined savors.

Besides the outstanding food, the restaurant is taking a good care of the service quality. You will enjoy not only the cuisine of your choice but also the interior, accomplished by the famous Serbian architect.


Location: Zanjic | Open all year around

Cuisine: Fish
Lunch av. check per person: 40 euro
Dinner av. check per person: 40 euro

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Ribarsko sjelo (Fishing Village) offers to its guests a unique local experience. Every day between 11 and 12 am local fishermen visit the village and bring in the newly caught fish and seafood. All the culinary specialties that are prepared here are made of the fresh ingredients and the vegetable that the chefs use is organically grown in the nearby garden. The homemade ice-tea is perfect refreshment for every guest who likes to lounge on the beach deck.

Ribarsko sjelo has a spacious and comfortable beach with an impressive view of the open sea and the entrance to Boka Kotor Bay. Guests who need extra relaxation can enjoy massage and those who prefer active relaxation can rent kayaks and explore nearby Mirište and Žanjice beaches, famous for their beauty.

THE SPOT at Chedi hotel

Location: Lustica Bay | Open all year around

Cuisine: Spanish and Asian
Lunch av. check per person: 20-25 euro
Dinner av. check per person: 20-25 euro

Note: TV translations of the foreign channels, no subtitle or translation.

Photo credit: Chedi Hotel Montenegro

Whether you’re after a leisurely brunch, a light snack, an alfresco lunch, a casual dinner or cocktails on the terrace, The Spot restaurant is the place to be.

Set on the marina promenade with endless sea vistas, it is a brasserie-style, all-day dining restaurant, serving fresh, healthy and satisfying meals. By day drift in from the beach and soak up the relaxed atmosphere and by night head to THE SPOT for dinner and cocktails alongside live music and DJs.

A warm and stylish space, the restaurant plays with outdoor elements combining textured stone walls, rustic wood-beamed ceilings, and soft pendant lighting, which provides a luminous ambiance at night. Indoor tables are treated to the culinary theatre of the showpiece open kitchen or take a seat out on the terrace and soak up the atmosphere of the marina.

THE SPOT’s menu offers flavourful Asian dishes and curries, healthy salads, freshly grilled meat, and fish, and bar staples including burgers and a signature club sandwich. High stools surround the colour and action of the bar area, where you can take a seat and enjoy expertly prepared Mediterranean coffee. Cocktails are served into the night with a menu built around locally foraged herbs and blended by the master mixologists. We also have a selection of international and Montenegrin wines, and beers including varieties sourced from local microbreweries.


Location: Regent Porto Montenegro | Open all year around

Cuisine: Mediterranean, European
Lunch av. check per person: 45 euro
Dinner av. check per person: 55 euro

Note: pets allowed in the garden.

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Regent Porto Montenegro’s newest addition, Murano, brings casual, unhurried luxury to the forefront, with expertly crafted dishes that showcase the very best seasonal produce. Taking inspiration from its position next to the glittering superyacht marina and Boka Bay, the menu centers around fresh seafood, prepared with locally sourced and organic herbs – all offering a distinctive take on the regional Adriatic cuisine.

Jovana Spaic and her team create tailor-made culinary journeys with recommendations from a vast array of appetizers, soups, pastas, and a delicious selection of entrees and flame grilled dishes. An excellent collection of wines, many from local boutique Montenegrin vineyards, complement the dishes impeccably.

This dining haven inspires through an intriguing environment created by the casual approach to dining joint with captivating artwork by Svetlana Ostapovici as well as spectacular chandeliers and a colour palette showcasing the Venetian craftsmanship on the island of Murano.


Location: Lazure Marina & Hotel | Open all year around

Cuisine: Mediterranean, European
Average check per person: 45 euro

Note: pets allowed on terrace and courtyard, live music every week

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Rosemarine Restaurant celebrates traditional Montenegrin hospitality and freshness of local produce. You will have a chance to taste Mediterranean cuisine at its best, try Balkan wines, and enjoy comforting marina view.

Rosemarine Restaurant has unique ambient of historical 18th-century building with modern interior design, spacious terraces, and cozy courtyards.


Location: Tivat | Open all year around

Cuisine: Italian
Average check per person: 20-30 euro

Note: pets allowed on terrace and courtyard, live music is in the garden/terrace 2x per week and on Thursdays, bar nights.

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The restaurant offers a relaxing view of the sea, the Bay of Tivat. It is contemporary and cozy interior with an absolute and true flavor of Italian gastronomy atmosphere.  You can enjoy a nice sea breeze, just cooked specially and in front of you pizza, local live music in the evenings, a variety of the menu options and a great wine selection.


Location: Tivat | Open all year around

Cuisine: Steak and burgers
Lunch av. check per person: 30 euro
Dinner av. check per person: 40 euro

Note: no private parking but there is one big parking nearby.

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First steakhouse in the area of Bay of Kotor that presents the combination of fine dining,  traditions, and modern-day meat preparation techniques. Here dominates the dry-aging method which generates the depth of tasteful flavors.  The selection is wide – from Montenegrin lamb chops, Australian Black Angus cuts and Japanese steak from Wagyu to finest Italian and Prussian beef chunks.  The interior is skillfully designed, following the aesthetics of traditional steakhouses yet with a stylish touch that is unique to this place.


Location: Podgorica | Open all year around

Cuisine: Chinese
Lunch av. check per person: 12 euro
Dinner av. check per person: 15 euro

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Zhou Xiaofeng, the chef of the restaurant, graduated from the Higher School of Professional Cook in Zibo, Shandong Province. During his studies, he was one of the best in the generation. He participated in national cooking competitions and won a gold medal several times.

Prior to his arrival in Montenegro, he gained a rich, twenty-year working experience in restaurants and hotels of 4 and 5 stars in China. Because of Chef’s cap at Zheng He, he decided to leave China, and with his culinary skills, he thrilled people in this corner of Europe.

Each region in China has certain specificities in taste. The characteristics of the Shandong region from which the Chef comes is that the tastes are mild and that there is enough to eat fish. For this reason, Zhou insists on mild flavors, which are suitable for Europeans who do not like the strong taste and spices.


 Dancing is allowed

  Live music

 Smoking is not allowed


  Pets are allowed

Restaurant by the hotel


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