Top 9 things to do during winter in Montenegro

1.Winter climbing / hiking

Montenegro is surrounded by some of the most beautiful mountains in the world. These mountains are magnificent, unspoiled and are ideally suited for climbing and exploring.  They will delight every adventurer.

There are many mountain-hiking trails that you can climb during winter. The trails go from moderate to very challenging with a variety of lengths. You can go on short same-day trips or take longer trips. It is possible to hire fduroa guide and to rent the equipment that you need.

You can climb the slopes of the Prokletjie mountains, the Durmitor, the Sinjajevina, the Komovi or the Bjelasica. You can also combine mountain climbing with skiing.

There are additional hiking tours through the forests and even short walks.

2.Winter rafting

Travelling along the river Tara on a raft is a fun and sporty way of viewing breathtaking scenery including the spectacular Tara river canyon.  The Tara river is also one of the cleanest rivers in Europe.

There are several smooth sections where the water is calm but there are also sections where you can do white water rafting. Book a group with a tour guide, rafting equipment and training and you’ll be safe. Customized and individual excursions are also available.

You can book a short tour of several hours or even tours lasting a couple of days.

3.Snow adventure at the snowmobile

There’s nothing that’s quite as much fun as traversing the majestic snow-covered mountains of Montenegro on a snowmobile.

You can book a single day trip or plan an adventure that will last for several days. You could take a 5-day tour that crosses the beautiful mountain Sinjajevina or you could book a tour starting in Kolasin and Zabljak for up to 7 days that cross the mountains of Bjelasica or Komovi.

The snowmobiles can be hired along with tour guides and all the equipment you’ll need.

There are over 1 000km of trails.

4.Snowshoe hiking (Snowshoeing)

Walking across the snow-covered mountains in snowshoes is a fun winter activity that the entire family can do together. Book a tour during the day or even at night, if you’re brave, using torches to light the way.

Take a local tour that starts at Kolasin or Zabljak.  Or go on an extended 8-day tour around Montenegro where you’ll visit the Bjelasica mountains, Biogradska Lake, The Black Lake, Savin Kuk and Zabljak.  You can even take an 8-day tour in the neighboring Bosnia that will allow you to watch Montenegro from afar.

Some of the tours will include the equipment and others won’t, but they all guarantee that you’ll have a great time.


With all the beautiful mountains and snow Montenegro is of course the best destination for skiing. With ski equipment rental centers, you don’t even have to own your own equipment.

Visit the well-known Ski resort, Kolasin 1450 that can offer everything that the top European ski resorts offer.  There’s also the Durmitor Ski Center with an illuminated slope for night skiing.

You can even take a 7-day ski tour across these magnificent slopes of the Durmitor, Bjelasica, Zijevo and Sinjajevina Mountains.

6.Cross-country skiing (Nordic/Langlauf skiing)

Kolasin is close to two popular mountains for skiing, namely the Bjelasica and the Sinjajevina. These mountains do of course have lots of snow!

On the Bjelasica Mountain are numerous ski trails including a Nordic ski circuit, ski lifts and cable cars. The total length of the ski trails is 30km. There is also a cafe and restaurant. You can hire guides, and all your equipment from the ski hire centers (located in Kolasin and Zabljak).

The Sinjajevina Mountain is located between Kolasin and Zabljak. This mountain is also popular for cross-country skiing as well as snowshoe hiking.

You can also consider Savin Kuk that is close to Zabljak. It is part of the Mount Durmitor National Park. It has a ski-lift chair and also hiking tours.  This area is especially known for its spectacular views.

7.Standup paddle boarding

Standup paddle boarding is one of the fastest growing water sports. You can practice this sport on lakes, rivers, the sea or any other place where there’s a lot of water.

Wearing a wetsuit for protection against the cold, standup paddle boarding is a new way of exploring Montenegro.  You can hire all the equipment and even take a short lesson on how to use the paddle board.  Tours are offered on Solila Beach which is 15 minutes outside of Tivat or Kotor. This tour is flexible and you’ll be able to paddle to the surrounding places like the Island of Flowers and the Island of St. Mark.


Rowing is a popular sport in Montenegro and you’ll find many clubs and associations for rowing.  Kotor is especially known for its rowing due to the calmness of its waters.

Igalo is a city in Montenegro with a mild climate that makes it a popular tourist destination, especially in winter. It boasts shallow and sandy beaches that gently slope into the sea and rowing boats have always been one of its tourist attractions.

Sailing and rowing activities are also available at the exclusive Porto Montenegro Yacht Club.

9.Winter horseback riding

There are a lot of horseback riding opportunities for tourists in Montenegro.  You can book a short trip for about 2 hours or even one lasting several days.

Excursions can be organized for groups and individuals and in most cases they will provide the horse, the saddle and everything you need.

There are excursions in the mountains, through the forests, by the lakes and just about everywhere else. You can even experience the beaches along the Adriatic coast on horseback. Montenegro is not short of beauty and riding on the back of a horse gives you an amazing vantage point to appreciate this incredible country.

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