Weekly sports tips: Common misconceptions

Training misconceptions

Today, I would like to draw your attention the most common misconceptions associated with the Healthy Lifestyle. You probably heard a lot about them. They relate to not only exercises, but also nutrition, sleep, and daily things. So, let’s go.

1. “If I go to the gym, I’ll become a muscleman”

This is the funniest thing I’ve heard from girls. Training on┬ámachines or with sports equipment will make you a pumped-up giantess. This is an absolute delusion. It is necessary to spend years in a gym, following the strict training regime, to build up musculature.

2. “The less I eat, the faster I lose weight”

The truth is that as soon as you stop eating, or severely curtail your diet, the body, which is programmed to preserve the functionality of the body and health, slows down the metabolism. A rapid burning in the first week happens due to muscle loss. You created hungry stress and the body uses muscles as fuel.

3. “Cardio training is the best way to lose weight”

This misconception is often inherent in the adherents of paragraph 1. I will disappoint you, only the alternation of force, cardio loads will provide the maximum result, so leave an attempt to lose excess pounds on the treadmill.

4. “The more I train, the faster the result will be”

In one of my articles, I wrote that the main result, which people reach thinking this way, is “over-training”. After an hour of training, provided that you are laid out to the full, the body needs about 48 hours to recover.

5. “When I drink a lot of water, I swell”

And here is the error again. Our body consists of about 70-75% of water. So, drinking is not just necessary, but necessary to maintain the normal life-sustaining activity of the body. Edema appears just because of a lack of water, which the body delays to save it from dehydration. As a consequence, you swell.

6. “I want to burn fat in a specific place”

This is probably the most common misconception among the women. I have to disappoint you, it is almost impossible. The fat burning process is triggered by the action of a balanced diet and exercise. The fact that you are training your hands, back, legs, or other muscles, does not mean that you burn the fat specifically on this part of the body. Fat begins to burn throughout the whole body, and the results are most quickly visible in the places where there is the least of fat.

7. “I need to pump only the biceps, or only the ass”

You all probably met people who say so, or you did it yourself. In our body, about 800 muscles, 200 bones and 10 joints, it is not possible to pump specifically one in principle. But even if it was possible, just imagine, how ridiculous a guy would look like, with only his biceps pumped up, or a girl, who only pumped up her bud, but her legs are thin and knees are sticking out. You can not be a quarter sporty, or half. Developing only one part of the body you become athletic on the certain percentage. Develop the entire body and you will be healthy and athletic by 100%.

This is just a few of the misconceptions that I heard from my practice. You ask how not to make such mistakes? And I’ll tell you: there are people that you meet in the halls, they are also called coaches. The coach will provide you with comprehensive information on all these issues. Do not be afraid to ask, stop thinking with patterns and misconceptions. Be healthy.