Presentation: What is the definition of STYLE?

It was a fascinating collaboration. Talking to MASKOVNA you can get lost, shocked, irritated, impressed, inspired, confused, stressed and de-stressed back. It’s a full range of emotions. And guess what is she about? …Fashion, style, clothes, dressing. So why did she need a presentation? Apparently, the idea came from a long time ago, when she decided to break the patterns in the fashion style consulting industry and started nurturing this idea for several years, in parallel experimenting with the styles, colours, forms, individualism, self-expression, and brands. Finally, she came to a moment, when she felt ready to share her ideas and with the professional community of the fashion industry.

So we started putting all the ideas into a structure. The central topic of the presentation, so-called mood, and metaphoric canvas, already existed – it’s a washing process,  which leads us to the usage of the particular design elements. The design style was applied in line with the recently issued by the client magazine, called “Re’action”. Now, I will not talk more about how it looks, you can see in the video. But what’s actually made us loving the result is the openness, absence of the fear of experiments and risky action with the complete belief in it. So the core idea of the presentation was to “Wash the boundaries of the imperfectness”. I will tell in simple words how I understood the message:

  1. No patterns anymore in the styles: Having studied and experimented in the fashion industry for over 7 years, interacted with numerous of different personalities, she realized that style cannot be taken as a pattern for each and single person. Each and every person is an individual and must feel his/her own look, without following the guidelines, trends, and instructions on what to wear and how to dress. Collective thinking is in the past, individual and self-expressing thinking is the present.
  2. Brain vs feelings: watching the magazines, following the fashion influencers, following the looks of the designers – all are the images, which are coming out of a person’s memories/brains. There is nothing about the personality there, about how you really FEEL about yourself.
  3. The new definition of the STYLE. I will better explain my understanding as a process, rather than re-typing a definition itself. So imagine you are watching a movie, performance, listening to music, or look at art, so it is already proven that the art positively impacts our brain. During or after the connection with art you experience specific inner state. You have certain images associating with those states or conditions, which transforms into the changes inside of you. These changes are expressing in your mood or perception of all that surrounds you. And you can enhance and influence those changes with your appearance, via the set of clothes you are putting on every day. That is your style.

She believes that practicing this approach will trigger the complete transformation inside of the person that brings you to the level of complete truthfulness with yourself. And then your mood and your look/appearance are synchronized. In her magazine, she talks about this transformation by involving in the conversation and her research bright and sometimes controversial personalities.

Coming back to the presentation. Just additional features which made it unique is that we have added a voiceover on the comics part, which added interactivity with the audience and made information delivery during the presentation less formal and more memorable.

We are deeply thankful for this collaboration.

Here is the short video of what came out as a result of this collaboration: