The Dark Side of the Sun

The Dark Side of the Sun is a 1988 American-Yugoslavian drama film directed by Božidar Nikolić and stars Brad Pitt in his first leading role as a young man in search of a cure for a dreaded skin disease.

Director Božidar Nikolić picked Brad Pitt out of 400 candidates for the main role. Brad Pitt was very happy for the pick and was only paid $1523 for seven weeks of filming in 1988. Nikolic said that film was then shelved due to lack of entertainment value. The movie was released directly to video in 1997.

Rick is a young American who suffers of a rare skin disease which prevents him from exposing himself to any kind of light, especially sunlight. After having tried several cures without success, his father takes him to a village in Yugoslavia where they meet a healer, who is supposed to save him. But the treatment does not work and Rick decides to forget about his illness and enjoy life, feeling the sun on his skin for the first time. In the short time he has left a young American actress enters his life.

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