Do not be afraid to be who you truly are!

A little bit about who I am

The career of interior designer-decorator had started with an interior design project of a restaurant. I have launched a collection of decorative cushions a year ago and now dreaming of yacht interior design projects.

I used to have her fashion blog and as a stylist, I developed several master seminars and one program based on personal style identification and authenticity.

For me, whether it is creating an interior design, being involved in wedding decoration or personal style, it is a uniformed creative process and represents united knowledge of composition laws, skills of working with forms, proportions, colors, and textures. It allows to efficiently create an atmosphere of surrounding space and harmonious image.

About my style choices

The way we dress is a message to the world. I have analyzed my wardrobe and came to the conclusion that I have two opposite parts of personality working against each other all the time. First one is minimalistic, classic, elegant and demanding; the other one is rebellious, creative and bright. I prefer both men’ and subcultural elements of style: heavy rock boots, hats, biker leather jackets, etc. In addition, I like ‘big city’ style called normcore where all pieces are unisex – neutral and natural colors, great quality materials, simple and in a plain cut. My personal style is eclectic. I want to stand out, but not to shock.

About interaction

What do I love to do is helping to create an image for a client considering his/her subconscious state of mind, which becomes visible with the help of metaphoric associative cards. This tool helps to determine 4 parts of personality which are needed to create a whole and authentic look.

So, what is it – a style session? It is a process when together we figure out the goals and create a “Style Map”, which includes a range of clothing items combines in the complete and presented in collages, recommendations on how to correct body shape with clothing and tips for makeup and hair.

Feed every lion sleeping inside. To the rebellious part of personality, give a leather biker jacket; to a little tender girl – socks with lace ruffles. It is very important to listen and love yourself as it is. Do not be afraid to be who you truly are!

A always say, Travel! Pack your backpack and search for cheap trip options, get out of your comfort zone! It is extremely important for a designer or stylist to move from place to place, changing continents and learn new traditions to discover the world and yourself. Everything you see and experience you can translate into creative innovations.

I believe that the main relationship in life is a relationship with yourself and that is the core objective of our interaction – for you to come to yourself.

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