Podgorica – what to see here on a hot summer day?

In this series of articles #MONTETRAVEL, our professional contributors tell about the places that you can visit, while in Montenegro. Here you can find some tips you can keep when coming to the capital of the country – Podgorica.

Nestled in flat and fertile land, rare to find in mountainous Montenegro, Podgorica is the capital hardly ever mentioned by tourist brochures as a must-see destination – which does not do it justice, as there are some truly unique things to be experienced there.

Podgorica of today is a modern place with a growing choice of hotels, shops, and restaurants, both in the historic center and in the glossy n glassy new part of the town.

Start the day with having cicvara (/tsitswara/ – traditional breakfast in the hinterland of Montenegro), and continue with having a stroll followed by an obligatory coffee break and Deutsch café, twin sister of cappuccino, in one of the city cafes, buzzing with fashionably dressed townsfolk.

If you happen to stay in Podgorica during scorching hot summer days (for Podgorica is presiding the list of the hottest European capitals), there are two interesting and heavily air-conditioned spaces in the city. The first one is the City Museum with a collection of the best painters of Montenegro, and the other is the largest one-piece vineyard in Europe, where you can sip the pride of Montenegro, wine “Vranac” in massive cellars that were once used as military tunnels harboring fighter jets!

As the day is evolving, especially for those with an inkling for unusual sports, join your guide and head for the canyon of Cijevna, minutes’ drive from the epicenter of the city, and cool yourself down by walking, swimming and hiking this marvelous piece of nature that ends up with a waterfall!

There are many other things you can do in this area. If you need the help of a professional guide, who can take you around and tell more stories and interesting facts about the capital city, send us your request and we will recommend you a licensed and experience guide.

Photo credit: travelmassive.com