Lake Fest | Niksic | 11-14 August

Five years of Lake Fest have shown that Niksic has a large number of people who want such a primarily musical but also multicultural festival to be organised. This is another reason for Lake Fest to be traditional and part of the interesting musical events.

The tradition of rock & roll as well as other related music styles is very large in this town and provides an additional reason for the domestic audience to know how to recognise the quality but also how to be an active participant in the implementation of the program of this festival. That has already been shown at the previous festivals. Niksic has a favorable climate for the organization of one such event, so in the summer months, when the heat in a large part of Montenegro is unbearable, the temperature in Niksic is “tolerable”.

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The advantage is that the events are organised near Lake Krupac, which helps improve even more the experience of the visitor. A camp in Poplars on the shore of the lake proved to be a great location for the organisation of “Lake Fest” which very few cities in the region could compete with.

Very good infrastructure, both at the entrance to the city and approaching the camp, allows the arrival of a large number of people. The space for parking, approaching without delay, good spatial organisation of the camp and stage are just some of the advantages of the location where the festival is organised. The organisation of Lake Fest, the significance of the festival, the number of visitors, the atmosphere and security give us the right to claim that we have achieved the set objectives.

The objectives of Lake Fest are the promotion of urban culture, music, performance, healthy mind, but also the promotion of tourism and the importance of tourism and ecology. By bringing popular musicians, artists, writers, painters, etc., we promote the culture in the broadest sense and awaken the creative spirit of many young people in Montenegro. The festival, of course, attracts many visitors outside of Montenegro, so the aim is to find the right way to provide information about the tourist offer of the town of Niksic and Montenegro in general.

The visitors of Lake Fest are people who promote urban music and culture. These are mainly young people who have found their way of life in this cultural expression. Our motive was to bring joy to these people and expand the urban cultural expression in Montenegro by bringing many famous artists. On average, the festival annually hosts more than 20 000 people (more than 80 000 people in total up to now).


Thursday, August 11

  • 18:30h Voodoo
  • 19:00h Off duty
  • 19:30h Mangrov
  • 20:15 Rambo Amadeus
  • 21:30h Bajaga i Instruktori
  • 23:30h Kultur Shock
  • 01:00h  Sivilo

Friday, August 12

  • 19:00h Light Under The Black Mountain
  • 19:30h Zoon politikon
  • 20:15h Mort
  • 21:00h Kerber
  • 22:30h Goran Bare & Majke
  • 00:15h Kiril Dzajkovski Mc TK Wonder & Mc Wasp
  • 01:30h Nikola Vranjkovic

Saturday, August 13

  • 19:00h Justin’s  Johnson
  • 19:30h Irish stew
  • 20:15h Lačni franc
  • 21:15h DST
  • 22:45h YU grupa
  • 00:15h Dejan Petrovic Big band
  • 01:30h Ritam nereda

Sunday, August 14

  • 18:30h Aurora
  • 19:00h Sara Renar
  • 19:45h Punkreas
  • 20:30h Stray Dogg
  • 21:30h TBF
  • 22:30h Manu Chao La Ventura
  • 00:30h Gužva u 16-ercu

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Source: Lake Fest