Michel Brovkine

How Made in New York Jazz Festival works

This is the hub, where the musical talents meet and create something new and unknown. Michael Brovkine together with his partner established this annual event and, along with it, a solid community of the artists, musicians, singers, who express their creativity and talents filling the world with the beauty, passion for excellence and beauty.

OU: What makes the festival unique and different from other jazz festivals?

MB: You will never see existing bands performing at this festival. You will see people from maybe a famous band and famous people performing in a new setting for them, which makes this experience once in a lifetime showing and that’s it. If if you didn’t experience Made in New York Jazz Show, Festival, you never saw it. I mean you can still find it on Facebook, luckily for all of us, but you have to be here.

OU: Who are the applicants and how the application process works?

MB: Anyone can apply. We have no age limits, no style limits. It’s it has to be jazz, it’s all jazz, but there is no style limit. You can play funk, you can play jazz-rock, you can play bebop. There are six categories. But there are things which are better for the artist. In some competitions that I saw, people have to submit the entire thing at once. In our competition you apply, the committee will check your background, then you send the video, and only after the video is approved, you can participate in the contest. 

OU: Please tell more about jury

MB: In the first year, we had Joe Lovano, Lenny White, and Randy Brecker. Then Mike Stern joined the competition. For 2019 it is already Lenny White, Randy Brecker, and Mike Stern. We also have committee members – a lot of beautiful musicians Edsel Gomez and Wayne Escoffery and many brilliant artists. Also, people, of course, can vote for their favourite musicians. So, the applicants are kind of squeezed the entire set (we have more than 100 participants), then we make it smaller, after this we get help from the committee members, and then the judges decide who is the final winner.