September 22, 2019

Apply for #IamtheBrand

What is #IamtheBrand?

#IamtheBrand is a platform, which helps you to interact with, expand your audience and share your expert insights on the area of your passion.

We help fresh entrepreneurs and experts to become noticeable and make their service or product visible to the audience.

For whom is this project?

We admire the entrepreneurs, self-starters, and experts! The braveness and the courage to make a step towards building your Personal Brand is usually accompanied by a lot of hard work, errors, failings and small win by win steps. If you have just started your business or do it for some time already, and want to develop it to a new, next level, this project is for you.

How does it work?

Why have you started your own business? We start doing something our own because at the particular point we realise that our knowledge, skills, and expertise can be a solution to somebody’s problem. That’s the nature and foundation of the term “do business”.  So, share about the real use of your service or products in its full depth. You become a columnist on #mnetoday about the essence of what you are doing for people. It is FREE OF CHARGE, what you need is to provide us with the information, mentioned below.

What is needed from your side?

Short article
  • Choose a small topic of your expertise 
  • Write Half page A4 article from the first face
  • Submit material in any language
  • Provide supporting photo or video
  • Send maximum 1 article per week

Material for profile
  • Your photo
  • Short description of yourself
  • Links to social media profiles
  • Link to your website or landing page

What do you get?

Support in the publishing
  • We will proofread the article
  • We will publish it in the correspondent category

Your personal brand profile
  • We will create your profile
  • You will be a column leader in your area of expertise

Social media publicity:
  • We will announce a new expert on the website
  • We will share your article on social media

Get supported with publishing


Need help with creating your article in English?

We have professional writers and proofreaders and will be glad to help you with preparing your content for publishing. You can choose any of these options:

Option #1

Submit your content in your local language and we will make it written in beautiful English. Price for 1/2 A4 article is 15 euro.