A Precise 4-day New Year Program and Sweet Bazaar

New Year's Eve

The tourist organization of Herceg Novi, as already announced, is preparing an elaborate program for New Year’s Eve in their city.

To make timely preparations, the complete 4-day New Year’s program as well as the guests stars that will help the people from Herceg Novi and visitors see in 2018 has been announced two months in advance.

The whole program starts on Saturday, the 30th of December, when the New Year’s Sweet Bazaar will be open form 10am around Njegoš street, from Buffalo Belgrade to the square of Nikola Đurković. The bazaar will be open for 7 days and 5 large booths are provided.  All sweets manufacturers are invited to apply, timeously, for an opportunity to present their products. The theme for the products on offer at the New Year’s sweet bazaar are homemade cakes and sweets.

Also on Saturday the 30th the Children’s New Year program will start at 12pm in Boka park, where the interactive children’s play “Let’s love each other – this is the year of love” will be presented. Of course, the inevitable Santa Claus will be there and the New Year’s Eve for the children will be rounded off by a concert by the popular child entertainer Santa Panta.

The program on the main evening of the New Year’s Eve starts at 9pm, when the famous band ”Senkina Djeca” (Senka’s Children) will be on stage at Boka Park and seeing in 2018 Herceg Novi citizens and guests will join one of the best songwriters in the Balkans, Vlado Georgiev whose concert starts at 11pm.

For New Year’s Eve, the Tourist Organization will provide free wine and beer for the guests in Boka park as well as on the first day of the New Year during the daily program at Škver.

In addition to the evening programs, there will be a daily program that will start at 11am on Monday the 1st of January where the Herceg Novi klapa ”Castel Nuovo” will provide the vibrant atmosphere and along with the free drinks TO HN are also providing free fried girice (small fish).

For the first night of 2018, in Boka park, a concert will be held by the famous Boka band Synthro at 9pm and the star of the evening, the Belgrade pop-rock band ”Van Gogh” will perform at 11pm.

The last day of the organized New Years’ program is reserved for the concert by Dragoljub Đuričić from Herceg Novi, who will perform with his band Balkan Avalanche from 9pm in Boka park while the Belgrade pop musicians ”Tropico band” will take over from 10pm.


December 30th, 2017

– 10h00  New Year’s Sweet Bazaar – The pedestrian part of Njegoš street from the Town Cafe to the square (lasts for 7 days)

– 12h00 Children’s New Year – Boka park

December 31st, 2017

– 21h00 Senka’s children – Boka park

– 23h00 Vlado Georgiev – Boka park

January 1st, 2018.

– 11h00 Castel Nuovo – Škver

– 21h00 Sinhro band – Boka park

– 23h00 Van Gogh – Boka park

January 2nd, 2018.

– 21h00 Dragoljub Djuricic & Balkan Avalanche – Boka park

– 22h00 Tropico Band – Boka park